November 2, 2022
Google Maps will Soon Show Road Toll Fees

Google is Bringing Yet another Helpful Feature from Waze to Google Maps

Google is about to bring road toll costs to Google Maps, something its subsidiary Waze has been doing for at least three years for drivers…

Google is always working to improve its Maps technology. Not only for accuracy but also, to bring new, helpful features to the experience. For instance, displaying speed limits. Or, showing gas, food, and other stops along a given route. Now, Google is bringing another tool over from subsidiary Waze — toll costs. Information that will be very useful, particularly when traveling on unfamiliar roads.

Google Maps will Soon Show Road Toll Fees

The news comes courtesy of the Google Maps preview program. A message sent out to the group involves a survey and soliciting advice about how to best implement the pricing feature. It could display along a planned route before driving in order to give the person time to compare alternate routes to avoid paying tolls. This would also allow people to save time since toll roads are generally faster routes.

Currently, Google Maps already identifies the presence of tolls. The system even allows users to avoid toll roads. But this would provide more information about possible costs along the way, giving drivers the ability to make better decisions.

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