August 5, 2021
Google Material Design update

Leaked Concept Video Shows Android Apps with More White Space, Rounded Rectangles

A leaked Google Material Design update concept video gives us a quick look at a possible Android app UI future experience…

A recently made Google design sizzle reel has briefly surfaced. Intended to give people a teaser look at the upcoming Material Design update for Android apps, it shows off some big changes. Created by Adam Grabowski and Nicolo Bianchino, two independent designers who have worked with Google before, the video reveals some conceptual images for Google Photos, Maps, Gmail, and more. 

Google Material Design Update Video Hints at Possible Android App Future Look

There are a number of placeholders in the mock-ups, meaning the plans are far from final. However, the video has already been pulled, which strongly suggests at least some of the elements will make it to full release.

The Google Material Design update concept video boasts rounded rectangles. It also ditches those big color blocks so common in Android apps, favoring more white space. Much of the concepts are Spartan in nature. For instance, Google Photos more closely resembles Instagram with its minimalist layout. Additionally, Gmail looks different. It no longer contains its characteristic top red banner. 

Overall, this is quite a departure from the current look of Android apps. Chipper music accompanies the various images, showcasing a few stark changes. See the video, captured by below: