January 12, 2022
Google Meet

Google Meet, Enterprise Hangouts Version, Debuts

Google just rolled out a new video conferencing application, called Google Meet, as a commercial tool, part of G Suite, for desktop and mobile usage…

Search giant Google introduced a new business video conference platform, Google Meet. Formally, it’s known as Meet by Google Hangouts, the early version nearly clones its popular consumer predecessor. Designed for HD video conferencing, the tool strongly resembles the Hangouts landing page, but does not support phone calls and text at this time.

Google Meet Released, a Business Version of Hangouts

The home page of Google Meet greets visitors with a picturesque image, complete with settings and feedback icons at the lower left on desktop. A user prompt to enter a meeting code appears upon arrival. 

Meet allows users to see upcoming, scheduled meetings. When none are on the docket, a grey “nothing scheduled” message appears to the right of the landing page. Meet, a business-friendly alternative to Hangouts, supports up to 30-participant, high-definition video calls. (While Hangouts supports just 10 participants.)

The video conferencing platform also includes other useful features. Its mobile version supports dial-in numbers for traveling team members, so others can join simply with a tap or click. For large conferences, the tool displays all participants’ names and emails.

Recently, Google started refocusing its attention on enterprise. In January, the company shuttered its Google+ Hangouts API and sent a message to developers which in-part stated Hangouts was, “turning to focus on enterprise use cases.” Google also bought Lime Audio to better voice quality for Hangouts. It’s presently unclear if the search engine will shut down Hangouts or remain a consumer-option.

Currently, the Google Allo chat app is in development for desktop. The company is also presently seeking Google Plus beta testers to improve its ailing social network.

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