June 23, 2022
Google Meet Gmail App Integration on Android and iOS coming Soon

Gmail will Soon Support Google Meet on the Android and iOS Apps

Google Meet will shorty be accessible right through the Gmail app on both Android and iOS, in an attempt to be out other video calling competitors…

Video calling is rapidly becoming more routine. Given a substantial boost by the coronavirus shutdown and quarantines, this medium of communication is gaining a sizable usage for various applications. In order to stay competitive, Google is bringing its newly re-branded Meet video conferencing service to Gmail on Android and iOS.

Google Meet Gmail App Integration on Android and iOS coming Soon

The new Google Meet and Gmail app integration is already underway. And, in the coming weeks, users will notice a new tab in the Gmail app. Said tab will also contain a schedule of upcoming meetings, and will allow people to start or join in-progress video calls with a simple tap.

Originally, Google restricted Google Meet to enterprise G Suite accounts. But, decided to make it available to anyone with a Gmail address recently. However, there are limitations to the free version. One example is a 60 minute time limit (though Google says it won’t enforce this rule until after September 30th.)

For those who don’t want to use Meet in Gmail, Google has made it possible to remove the tab right in the settings.

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