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Google Integrates these Two Key Features into its Messages App

Google Messages App Adds Reactions and a Photo Editor

Credit: Android Community

Google has added two great new tools to its Messages app, making communications more expressive and customizable by users…

Google is definitely putting a lot of work into its Messages platform. The company is leading the way on RCS replacing SMS or Rich Communication Services and Short Messaging Service. Now, the app boast two new options that will certainly improve conversations in different ways.

Google Messages App Adds Reactions and a Photo Editor

The internet giant has upgraded its Messages capabilities with RCS reactions and with a new image editor. The former works a lot like Facebook Messenger and Apple’s iMessage. Simply long press on any message to reply with an animation, like a laugh or a love. Plus, there’s also suggested stickers that will help people decide on the appropriate mood to convey.

Additionally, there’s now a media editor in Google Messages. It’s not exactly sophisticated or complex. Rather, it’s fairly basic, letting users draw or write text. But, these aren’t the only new features. Google likewise integrated a video call button, along with a dedicated voice messaging button.

Right now, the new features are limited to the latest version of the Google Messages app, with stickers only working in English. Overall, Google Messages is becoming more of a true alternative to Facebook Messenger, though it’s not quite there just yet.

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