October 1, 2022
Google Messages in Danger of Losing Support on Uncertified Android Devices in March

‘Uncertified’ Android Devices Likely to Lose Support for Google Messages in March

Google Messages could cease working on certain Android mobile devices starting in March, according to a recent a recent code examination…

RCS messaging and an easy-to-use web client has made Google Messages one of the single most popular messaging platforms. So much, it’s garnered over 1 billion downloads from the Google Play Store. But, the handy Android communication program may stop working on some devices come March. Those devices being ones that aren’t officially certified by Google.

Google Messages in Danger of Losing Support on Uncertified Android Devices in March

For any device running Google’s Android operating system to be officially sanctioned, it must go through the tech giant’s certification process prior to its release. Only devices certified are allowed to be equipped with Google’s suite of pre-installed apps, including Google Play Services. Still, some devices make it out to the public without undergoing the certification process. It’s those very devices which will lose support for Google Messages.

According to Google Messages version 7.2 beta, a new notice appears in the app’s code, which simply reads, “On March 31, Messages will stop working on uncertified devices, including this one.” So, any device not officially sanctioned by Google won’t be able to run Messages at the end of March. One potential explanation is Google’s recent addition of end-to-end encryption. Since uncertified devices haven’t undergone scrutiny, encrypted messages on those devices could potentially be compromised.

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