August 6, 2022
Google Messages Now Translates Apple iMessage Reacations on Android

ICYMI: Google Messages Now Translates iMessage Reactions on Android but It’s Not Perfect

Google Messages now boasts the ability to translate Apple’s iMessage reactions onto Android devices, but there are still some differences…

Texting between Android devices and iOS platforms is now a lot easier and a bit more seamless. This, after Google added support for iMessage reactions (which Apple calls “Tapbacks.”) The new capability is currently making its way out in a beta build. Once enabled, the function will automatically convert iOS reactions into equivalent Android emoji. However, there are still some notable differences between the two technologies, so it’s not always a direct match.

Google Messages Now Translates Apple iMessage Reactions on Android

The translated symbol will appear in the bottom-right corner, just as it would for an iOS user, although the experience isn’t quite a like-for-like conversion. For the thumbs-up and thumbs-down reactions (Like and Dislike) the iOS and Android symbols are identical. But, the heart Tapback will become a heart-eyes emoji, the HaHa becomes the tears of joy emoji, the exclamation points turn into a shocked-face emoji, and the question mark becomes a thinking emoji.

In other words, there’s a disparity and this could easily lead to being misunderstood since it’s not an exact match from one platform to another. Although, it shouldn’t be a huge problem for most instances. When available, the new feature can be enabled by going to Settings > Advanced > ‘Show iPhone reactions as emoji.’

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