October 20, 2021
Google Messages verified SMS tool rolls out

Google Starts Pushing Out SMS Text Verification to Prevent Spam on Android Messages

Google is in the process of integrating SMS verification from businesses to consumers, helping to cut down on spam and scams….

Practically everyone with a cellphone has received one or more suspect text messages. Usually, these ask for personal information and contain a link to a shady website. Of course, the entire purpose is nefarious but now, Google is trying to help consumers out.

Google Messages Now Verifies SMS Messages from Businesses

Google is ramping up its efforts to prevent scam and spam texts from reaching people through its Verified SMS tool in Android Messages.

When implemented, people getting text messages from strange numbers will see a verification (or not). Basically, Google will attempt to verify if the message came from a legitimate business. When genuine, people will see the business’ name and logo, along with a verification badge.

However, this doesn’t mean the absence of said badge means that a message isn’t the real deal. It might be due to the fact that Google doesn’t have a particular business in its database to cross-reference. The feature is only starting to roll out and the program is in its early stages, so it won’t be perfect.

Similarly, Google already alerts consumers to suspected spam messages in some countries. That tool is also starting to roll out broadly to the US.

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