September 20, 2022
Google Mobile-First Indexing for All Sites Starts in September

Google will Rank Every Site by its Mobile Version’s Performance come September

Google will begin to rank all websites in its massive index by their mobile versions first in September, after years of preparation…

It’s been years since Google originally announced its shift to a mobile-first index. Meaning, the search giant will prioritize mobile versions of pages over desktop. This is a huge shift, which places the emphasis on mobile version performance over the desktop experience.

Google Mobile-First Indexing for All Sites Starts in September

Google announced its intentions to transition to a mobile-first index back as far as 2016. The search portal then said it was only “months away” from the launch back in March of 2017. By December of the same year, it started to compile its mobile-first index.

Following that, the search engine began moving sites to its mobile-first index in February of 2018. By April 2018, it started notifying webmasters of the change. And, five months later, sent out a new slew of the same notifications to site owners.

Now, the company will move all sites in its index to the mobile-first categorization, starting in September. Although, it’s made a lot of progress in the period since. Google says that 70 percent of sites listed on its SERP or search engine results page have already switched over to mobile-first indexing.

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