June 23, 2022
Google mobile image search

Google Mobile Image Search Playing YouTube Videos

Google mobile image search contains YouTube video testing, labeling results “New Look on YouTube” with repeat looping autoplay enabled but no audio…

Alex Chitu reports spotting Google mobile image search query results containing looping autoplay YouTube videos. Chitu writes the YouTube videos repeat, cannot be stopped or hidden, and play without sound. We are unable to replicate the experience for the same search terms. But, the labeled results read “New Look on YouTube,” and “River Island on YouTube.”

Google Mobile Image Search Testing YouTube Video Autoplay

Apparently, Google is limitedly testing YouTube videos within its mobile image search results. Chitu searched for “men [sic] jackets” and “winter outfit.” In both queries through Google mobile image search, YouTube videos appeared. Here are two screenshots taken by Chitu:

Credit: Alex Chitu
Credit: Alex Chitu

Last month, Google started testing a Google App recent tab and lite mode. Back in November of last year, Google shopping ads carousels appeared on YouTube. It’s unclear why YouTube videos appear in Google mobile image search results. But, the company is well-known for experimenting with its various platforms. For instance, a new YouTube feature targeting Facebook Pages debuted in September, replacing the “Discussions” tab with “Community.”

Google just launched its forewarned mobile intrusive interstitial penalty on January 10th.

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