September 30, 2022
Google mobile interstitial penalty

Google Mobile Interstitial Penalty Hitting these Pop Ups

The recently released Google mobile interstitial penalty is impacting certain types of pop ups, the search engine confirms on Twitter…

Google unleashed its well-announced mobile intrusive interstitial penalty on January 10th. Thus far, the algorithm shows little impact but complete roll out continues. Now, John Mueller, Webmaster Trends Analyst, confirms the pop up penalty will impact sites using particular kinds of user selectors.

Google Mobile Interstitial Penalty Affecting Sites with User Selector Pop Ups

The newly introduced Google mobile interstitial penalty applies to pop ups covering the main content, standalone interstitials users must dismiss before accessing the main content, and content inlined underneath the above-the-fold page portion. The penalty will also affect sites with user language and country selector pop ups:

Exceptions to the penalty include legal obligations, age verification, login dialogs, and banners using a “reasonable amount of screen space” which are easy to dismiss. Mueller explains user language and country selector pop ups are unnecessary, creating bad UX, and suggests using the Amazon model.

To avoid the Google mobile interstitial penalty, sites should use hreflang for automatic targeting or a banner style.

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