January 12, 2022
Google mobile intrusive interstitial penalty

Google Mobile Intrusive Interstitial Penalty Confirmed Live

The new Google mobile intrusive interstitial penalty started to roll out across the mobile web on Tuesday, as announced, its search engine engineers confirm…

In August of last year, Google first announced its new mobile intrusive interstitial pop up penalty. On Tuesday, the company officially confirmed it is rolling out on the mobile web to Search Engine Land. It’s important to note, this penalty is currently only on the mobile web and not all pop ups trigger the intrusive interstitial penalty.

Google Mobile Intrusive Interstitial Penalty Rolling Out, Search Engine Confirms

Google explains the following are penalty candidates:

  • Displaying a pop up covering the main content, either immediately when clicking through to a page from the Google SERP or displaying a pop up while visitors go through the page.
  • Displaying a standalone interstitial users must dismiss to access the main content.
  • Using an above-the-fold layout appearing similar to a standalone interstitial, with the content is inline, underneath the fold.

The search engine provides the following examples of pop up which trigger its intrusive interstitial penalty:

Credit: Google

Interstitials which do not trigger the penalty include login pop ups, legal disclaimers and obligations, and banners which only require a reasonable amount of screen space that are easy to dismiss.

Another important factor in how the search engine applies the penalty are in regard user actions. The penalty is only enforced from the SERP or search engine results page to a website page but does not apply from on site page to on┬ásite page. In other words, sites displaying a pop up to users who click on the SERP organic link triggers the penalty. But, when users browse through a site from page to page, the penalty isn’t enforced.

The company will also begin displaying a “page not secure” warning for some unencrypted sites this month.

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