July 28, 2021
mobile page speed ranking factor

Google will Use Page Speed as a Ranking Factor in Mobile First Index Beginning July 2018

A new Google mobile page speed ranking factor will go live this July, called the “Speed Update,” which will target slow-loading sites…

This July, Google will start factoring page speed as a ranking signal, the company announced. This isn’t a surprise, page speed has been a ranking component since 2010 for desktop. Now, the same will apply to mobile search.

Google Mobile Page Speed Ranking Factor Starts July 2018

Currently, it’s called the “Speed Update,” and Google states it will effectively target slow-loading sites. However, the search giant presently has no plans to offer a measurement tool to gauge mobile page speed. Although, Google offer this advice:

“We encourage developers to think broadly how about performance affects a user’s experience of their page and to consider a variety of user experience metrics.”

Speed is a big part of Google’s overall plan to make web browsing a better experience. (It’s the entire reason behind the AMP project, or accelerated mobile pages.) But, speed isn’t the ultimate determining factor as to how pages perform in mobile search. Google states query intent can supersede page load time. So, a slower loading page may actually rank higher, if it’s more relevant to a search.

One available testing tool is Google PageSpeed Insights, which the company recently updated.

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