September 23, 2021
google mobile search results image thumbnails

Report Finds Google’s Mobile Search Results Increased Image Thumbnails by 183 Percent

Google mobile search results image thumbnails now show up almost 45 percent of the time, representing a jump of 183 percent…

A new report by RankRanger reveals Google mobile search results now return more image thumbnails than just days ago. It’s no secret the search giant has been upping the amount of image thumbnails for mobile queries. Now, it’s more prevalent than ever.

Google Mobile Search Results Image Thumbnails Increase 183 Percent

This is substantial, given the last measurement, taken in September 2016, surfaced less than 1 percent of all mobile searches. However, it did rise to about 10 percent later on. And, now it’s much higher.

“On July 13th, our Mobile SERP Feature Tracker began showing an increase in page one SERPs showing Image Thumbnails (mobile). By the time the data leveled off, mobile Image Thumbnails had gone from appearing on 15.7% of all mobile page one SERPs to an all-time high of 44.5%. That’s an enormous increase, a 183% increase to be more specific.” 

Credit: RankRanger

Google has tested image thumbnails in search for quite a few years. It appears the search engine is more favorable to these inclusions as it’s skyrocketed the amount. And, it’s a great SEO tool because image thumbnails probably have a higher click-through rate than non-image query results.

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