August 5, 2021
Google More Results Mobile Test

Google Testing ‘More Results’ as Paginated Replacement for Mobile Search

Many users reporting seeing a recently run Google ‘More results’ mobile test on the SERP, instead of paginated listings for queries…

Google continually tweaks its search interface with small changes here and there. One such example is a test that’s running widely now for mobile. The SERP now displays a “More results” button rather than the traditional pagination.

Google ‘More Results’ Mobile SERP Test Spotted

When users tap on the option, the SERP loads more listings instead of opening additional pages. The expanded query results surface right under the original results. Danny Sullivan, Google’s public liaison for search, confirmed the test via Twitter:

It’s important to note, Google already tested the “More results” button for mobile in the past, but with a limited group of users. Here’s a screenshot captured by Search Engine Land:

Credit: Search Engine Land

With billions of searches conducted on Google every single day, it’s understandable the company would continually refine the interface for better UX or user experience. Such a change makes sense for mobile use, but it’s unknown if the search engine would also bring the feature to desktop.

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