September 16, 2022
Google streaming music subscriptions

Google’s Music Subscriptions are Up but Well Below Rivals Spotify, Apple, and Amazon

Google streaming music subscriptions now count over 15 million paying customers but remain substantially smaller than rivals…

Music streaming subscriptions services are continuing to grow. These make-up a significant portion of the music business. But, one company is noticeably trialing its competitors — Google.

Google Streaming Music Subscriptions Top 15 Million

Though Google reigns supreme in search and video — the latter via subsidiary YouTube — it’s not performing as well as it peers in streaming music subscriptions.

Both  Bloomberg and the Wall Street Journal report Google is not growing at the same rate of its competitors. RIAA figures show music subscription services added more than 1 million customers per month during 2018. However, YouTube Music and Google Play Music remained mostly flat.

Rival Spotify now claims over 100 million customers but Google garners just 15 to 16 percent, or between 15 and 16 million paying customers.

Google itself challenged those reports. The search giant claimed its subscription music streaming services are up 60 percent over last year.

Meanwhile, Google is slowly changing the branding from Google Play Music to YouTube Music. Although, it’s well behind its competition in some respects. For instance, it only recently added the ability to play locally-stored songs.

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