October 23, 2021
Google My Business anonymous reviews

Google My Business Now Appears to Remove Anonymous Reviews

It seems that Google My Business anonymous reviews are being deleted from the network, as several Twitter users report seeing them disappearing…

Google now appears to remove anonymous reviews from its site. Previously, all reviews counted toward a business’ overall rating. But, the search giant seems like it’s no longer allowing that particular practice. 

Google My Business Anonymous Reviews Removed from the Platform

People have taken to Twitter to report seeing the trend, as they notice the changes in clients’ profiles. Here are a couple of relevant tweets about the removal of anonymous Google My Business reviews:

It’s important to note that while anonymous reviews no longer count toward a business’ rating, they still were accessible to users when clicking through to see all the reviews. But, subsequent reports state anonymous reviews are not appearing at all on GMB. 

It certainly seems that Google is making a sitewide change here but it’s not possible to view every single GMB page. If it is being adopted as a practice by Google, it would bring this service in-line with other review sites. For instance, TripAdvisor and Yelp both require people to register in order to submit reviews.

If true, this is a smart move, because it nearly eliminates spam and it causes people to leave more helpful reviews. It’s also helpful to business owners as they can more accurately gauge their customers’ experiences.

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