September 23, 2021
Google My Business test mobile site speed email

Google My Business Test Mobile Site Speed Tool Email Going Out

The search giant is currently sending out a Google My Business test mobile site speed email, containing a link to an actionable landing page…

Webmasters might receive a new email from Google with the subject line, “Test your mobile site speed with Google.” It’s part of the search engine’s effort to push mobile friendly pages. 

Webmasters Getting a Google My Business Test Mobile Site Speed Email

Over the past several months, Google continues its initiative to make webmasters adopt mobile friendly formats. The email body reads, “46% of people say that the most frustrating thing about browsing on their phone is waiting for slow pages to load. Make sure your site is loading fast enough by visiting Test My Site with Google. We’ll send you suggestions on how to improve your speed—and keep more potential customers from leaving.”

Google My Business test mobile site speed page
Credit: Google

Back in October, Google launched an AMP or accelerated mobile page testing tool and it later expanded tag manager support. The reason for this is due to the fact mobile internet users exceed desktop. Also, mobile traffic accounts for 52.21 percent of all internet traffic. That’s compared to 42.16 percent in 2016. 

Additionally, Google is currently working on a mobile-first indexGoogle also announced in November of last year, it will carry out a mobile search ranking change. That update will rank search results based on sites’ mobile content. This change is gradual, with the company experimenting on a small-scale and will expand when the search engine is confident about its user experience or UX.

Earlier this year Gary Illyes said back in March the mobile-first index team wants it to launch this year. But, the team experiences difficulties because the mobile web “…has fewer tokens than desktop.”

This email campaign appears to represent another push toward a mobile-first experience.