January 12, 2022
Google Negotiating to Replace Samsung Bixby with Google Assistant

Samsung Owners Rejoice! Bixby might Soon be Gone, Thanks to This Proposal by Google

Bixby’s days as the default digital assistant on Samsung phones could be coming to an end and Google is pushing to make this key change…

The COVID-19 pandemic’s effect on economies around the world is having a substantial impact on many industries. The smartphone market is certainly no exception. In fact, Samsung is one company that’s been hit hard. As a result, the South Korean company is now reportedly considering replacing its Bixby digital assistant.

Google Negotiating to Replace Samsung Bixby with Google Assistant

Although details aren’t publicly known, Samsung is in talks with Google to bring Google Assistant to the company’s Android mobile devices, according to Bloomberg. If correct, Samsung would replace Bixby with Google Assistant on at least some of its Galaxy line. However, the South Korean corporation remains coy, stating that it:

“…remains committed to our own ecosystem and services,” but “at the same time, Samsung closely works with Google and other partners to offer the best mobile experiences for users.”

Should the deal go through, Samsung would enjoy a huge compensation for allowing Google to promote its own product. This isn’t very far-fetched, given the fact that Google already pays Apple billions to remain the default search tool on iPhones. (Although, that agreement might be forced to end, if UK regulators get their way.)

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