September 16, 2022
Google Nest to Require 2-Factor Authentication for All Accounts this Spring

Google to Require 2FA for All its Nest Accounts Beginning this Spring to Improve Security

Google is stepping up its security protocols for its IoT Nest products, requiring two-factor authentication for all accounts this spring…

Increasingly, IoT product OEMs are enhancing their devices’ security prowess. For example, Ring has committed to improving its smart home systems’ security through 2020. Now, Google is joining, announcing it will make 2FA mandatory for its Nest accounts, starting this spring.

Google Nest to Require 2-Factor Authentication for All Accounts this Spring

In just about a month, Google will require all Nest device owners to enable email-based, two-factor authentication. The company is doing this to help protect people against such bad behavior as hijacking smart home set ups and other nefarious behaviors.

A problem — even though Nest strongly recommends users migrate over to Google accounts in order to stay more secure — is the fact that device owners cannot currently link their Nest accounts if they already use Google’s Advanced Protection. (Although, Google says it’s currently working to fix this problem.)

It makes sense that Nest is pushing customers to adopt more strict safety precautions. After all, the company offers a number of connected alarms, cameras, doorbells, and locks. Meaning, there’s ample opportunity for odious individuals to wreak havoc on Nest device owners in several ways.

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