September 16, 2022
Google News automatic data-saver

Google just Revealed a New Data-Saving Tool for its News App

A new Google News automatic data-saver feature will now work in the background of the mobile app, the search engine has announced…

Google only recently revamped its news app. It now features a new interface, along with high-resolution pictures and videos. However, users might not always have the data for these big time files. So, the tech company is helping them out with some new, built-in features.

Google News Automatic Data-Saver Tool Announced

What’s great about these new Google News data-saver tools is that users don’t have to do anything. They’re integrated into the app and work in the background. Plus, they aren’t limited to Android Go or Google Go. Even when in a strong coverage area or in the case of a good WiFi connection, they’ll still work. 

Here are the details Google provides on its blog, quoted directly:

  • When applicable, videos in the app will open in YouTube Go, ensuring that it’s delivered in a lightweight yet clear format. Videos won’t auto-play, saving precious data.
  • Newscasts (previews of a story) will adapt to become more text-focused, saving you data.
  • Images are compressed and can be fully loaded with just a tap. Videos and gifs will also not auto-play. Plus, less data will be cached and saved on your device.
  • Many articles can be saved for consuming in offline mode, easily downloaded over Wi-Fi for reading later.

Google states these are rolling out over the next few weeks around the world.

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