November 2, 2022
Google News dark mode

Google News getting a Dark Theme in Latest Update

A new Google News dark mode appears like it’s on the way with the latest version for Android devices, following other services…

Tech giant Google is spreading its dark theme to more and more products. It’s already appeared in YouTube, Android Messages, and even the new rebranded Google Discover app. Now, it’s making its way to the redesigned Google News app.

Google News Dark Mode Spotted in Android Version 5.5

The latest version for Android, 5.5, gives users the option to switch on a dark theme. It’s nestled in the settings, of course: 

Credit: Android Police

As pictured above, the dark mode options include: Always, Automatically, Battery saver only, and Never. Dark themes are ideal for low-light settings, being easier on the eyes. It also has an added benefit of saving battery life.

Currently, the new Google News dark mode has been spotted on different devices. The latest update is now rolling out via the Google Play Store. (There are no real changes with the interface experience in the latest iteration of the app, just tweaks in the Settings.)

Google News underwent a makeover earlier this year. It included the addition of more YouTube videos and surfacing more AMP content or accelerated mobile pages. 

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