September 17, 2022
Google News data usage bug

Google News Plagued by Bug that’s Resulting in Mobile Data Overage Charges

A problematic Google News data usage bug is taking users over their mobile limits, resulting in extra charges to their phone plans…

Since September, a mischievous bug in the Google News app has been causing issues for some users. Recently, it’s getting a lot more attention because it’s downloading a huge amount of data in the background. So much, it’s causing data overages for a good number of users.

Google News Data Usage Bug causing Overages

Some users report it gobbling up 1.3GB, which is small, compared to others who have experienced upwards of 18GB, 20GB, and even 28GB in a single evening. The result are overage charges, costing as much as $96, while roaming.

Google has been made aware of the bug but to date, hasn’t addressed the issue directly. Meanwhile, users continue to report problems with data consumption.

Presently, the only thing users can do is disable Background data or enable the Data Saver mode. Simply open the Google News app, tap on the profile icon to go into the settings menu. From there, locate Data Saver mode and turn it on. Or, find the Data usage section and turn off Background data. Close the app to refresh it and then launch it for the changes to take effect.

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