September 10, 2021
Google News homepage down

Google News Down, Homepage and Sections nearly Blank

There’s a current Google New outage, affecting the homepage and sections, as well, only displaying the left and right side columns…

Folks logging onto Google News will find an almost completely blank page with just the right and left sidebars surfacing. It’s the same story on the various sections, with the main content space blank where news headlines and summaries appear.

Google News is Down

Regardless of section, be it the homepage, national, local, technology, international, or other topics, Google News returns an error message. “We’re sorry we are unable to show any “TECHNOLOGY” stories. Please try again later.” 

Google News down

It’s out sitewide, with all sections returning the same error. However, the search bar still returns query results. So, searching for a specific topic, person, or organization works. Also, the “Manage sections” settings appear to work. Here’s an outage map from Down Detector:

Google outage map

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