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Google will Revamp Google News, Incorporating YouTube Videos and AMP Technology

Google News redesign

Credit: Google / Ron Amadeo

A reportedly, soon-to-launch Google News redesign will hit the web, which incorporates YouTube video and the AMP experience…

A recent report from AdAge claims search giant Google is currently working on a makeover of Google News. This is somewhat odd, considering the company just launched a redesign less than a year ago. Apparently, Google has already consulted various publishers about the change. Purportedly, it will bring several Google services to one location.

Google News Redesign Planned

At this time, it’s unknown just how this will impact different clients. Right now, it’s likely the Google Play Newsstand, the search engine’s magazine app, would shutter as a result. However, some speculate the Google News app will also get a new look and feel.

Currently, the Google Play Newsstand functions as an awkward hybrid of a magazine store and a RSS reader. There are additional reports of the eventual demise of the “Google Play” brand. For instance, Google Play Music will expectedly close down when it merges with YouTube. Presently, Google Play consists of Google Play Movies & TV, Google Play Music, Google Play Books, and Google Play Newsstand.

The reports also state the new Google News redesign will include two big changes: YouTube video and AMP (accelerated mobile pages) content integration. If so, this would certainly make the experience much more rich and reduce load time. The search engine is expected to announce the overhaul next week at Google I/O 2018.

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