July 3, 2022
Google notification widget disappearing

Google Alerting Users it’s Shutting Down Its Notification Widget on March 7th

The Google notification widget will stop appearing after March 7th, but it won’t disappear altogether, as it will remain on some UIs…

With the coming, imminent demise of Google Plus, along with it comes the death of the Notification Widget. First introduced in 2011 in-tandem with the Google+ debut, this familiar bell icon, located at the top right of the page, eventually expanded to more Google services, including Photos and Hangouts.

Google Notification Widget Disappearing March 7th 2019

Now, when users log into one of these sites, a new warning appears in the upper right. It reads, “The Nofications Widget will disappear on March 7, 2019.”

After March 7th, the navigation bar will only display users’ profile avatars, along with other settings, which includes the app launcher. However, enterprise Google+, Hangout Chat, and Photos will retain the feature.

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