October 1, 2022
Google Now app AMP links

Google Now App AMP Links Begin Appearing

Google Now app AMP links are now displaying in the cards, giving users quick access to optimized content which loads super fast on mobile devices…

Search giant Google is now inserting AMP links or accelerated mobile page links into its cards on its popular mobile native app. Formerly called Google Now, Google Feed allows users to “…find quick answers, explore your interests, and get a feed of updates on what matters to you,” according to its official description.

Google Now App AMP Links Showing Up in Cards

Google first introduced AMP or accelerated mobile pages in February of last year.  A tool or website plugin optimized the content to make articles load in a fraction of the time of normal pages. AMP articles are always denoted by a small lightning bolt badge, accompanied by “AMP” text:

Google Now app AMP links 1

Initially, the search engine limited AMP support to the mobile web. But since that time, Google continues to display AMP links in a variety of settings, including Google+, its social network. AMP content strips down articles, often removing unnecessary images and streamlining ads. Here is a screenshot of an accelerated mobile page:

Google Now app AMP links 2

Below is a screenshot of the same article, without AMP standards applied:

Google Now app AMP links 3

It’s unclear how many users are seeing AMP links in the Google app and if it appears on both Android and iOS devices. While AMP articles load very quickly, some users complain there isn’t a readily available option to view the original page. Another complaint is there is no way for users to disable AMP links. But, Google definitely continues to increase the technology’s adaptation potential. 

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