November 7, 2022
Google auto-delete search and location histories

Google Now Auto-Deletes both Search and Location Histories — but Not Exactly for Everyone

Google will no longer keep users’ location and search histories indefinitely, and will automatically wipe out this information, but only for new accounts…

The world’s largest search engine and mobile OS developer has recently announced it will no longer continue to store users’ search and location histories forever. Instead, the company will automatically delete all that data after eighteen months. But, of course, there’s a catch to the new policy — it doesn’t apply to all of its users.

Google Now Auto-Deletes Users’ Search and Location Histories

Even though Google says it will automatically annul all collected location and search activity, the corporation won’t do this for all profiles. Instead, the new policy only applies to new account sign-ups, so anyone that’s had an account prior to the announcement won’t be included.

However, Google will alert existing users about the new option on the search page, giving them a direct link to the Activity Controls page. All those people need to do is enable the tool, if so desired. Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google and Alphabet, explains in a blog post:

“…the first time you turn on Location History—which is off by default—your auto-delete option will be set to 18 months by default. Web & App Activity auto-delete will also default to 18 months for new accounts. This means your activity data will be automatically and continuously deleted after 18 months, rather than kept until you choose to delete it. You can always turn these settings off or change your auto-delete option.”

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