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Users Spot Competitor Ads Next to Local Business Profiles

Google competitor ads alongside local business profiles

Credit: Needpix

People have reported seeing competitor ads right by local business profiles on Google, appearing through Local Campaigns…

Google is in the advertising business and is in the process of ramping its local search monetization stream.

Two years ago, in early 2017, the search giant introduced local search ads. This placed ads within local packs, as well as in the local Knowledge Panels. Now, it might be displaying competitor ads alongside local business profiles.

Google Now Displaying Competitor Ads Alongside Local Business Profiles

Ben Fisher has posted a screenshot over on Twitter (see below), which shows the practice. Although, others can’t duplicate the results. 

Meanwhile, the team over at Search Engine Land reached out to Google to ask about this development. More importantly, businesses can’t pay to remove competitor ads.

Obviously, local businesses aren’t happy about this becoming a widespread reality. And, it will probably confuse consumers who encounter them.

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