October 26, 2021
Google Now Play music detection

Google Improves its ‘Now Play’ Music Detection Technology with the Release of the Pixel 4 Phone

Google’s ‘Now Playing’ music identification technology came out a couple of years ago and now, it’s been improved with the introduction of the Pixel 4…

Google originally debuted its “Now Playing” tool with the roll out of the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL devices. It listens to songs playing around the phone and matches them with a locally-stored database. Now, the feature has gotten an upgrade for the Pixel 4.

Google ‘Now Playing’ Music Detection Tech Improves with the Pixel 4 Phone

The newly improved Google Pixel ‘Now Playing’ tech can identify many more tracks than previously, thanks to “federated analytics. A Google Pixel phone support page reads:

“The counts of songs recognized across Pixel 4 phones are aggregated using a privacy-preserving technology called federated analytics. This improves Now Playing’s song database so it recognizes what’s playing more often. Google can never see what songs you listen to, just the most popular songs in different regions.”

Because it relies on a locally-cached database, Google only maintains patterns of popular songs. With the Pixel 4, this should expand it capabilities.

At this time, there’s no official word if it will work the same way with previous Pixel phones.

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