June 21, 2022
Google Officially Closes Down its Google Play Music Website and Mobile App

Google Plus Music is Now Completely and Totally Dead, Dead, Dead (Really)

Google finally shutters the Google Play Music website and deprecates the mobile app, forcing users over to YouTube Music or other alternatives…

For those who haven’t yet heard, Google has completed its slow but methodical shutdown of Google Play Music. Last week, the tech company shuttered all access to the web client and deprecated the mobile app. Attempting to use either one only results in encountering a very clear declaration reading, “Google Play Music is no longer available.” However, a transfer option still remains.

Google Officially Closes Down its Google Play Music Website and Mobile App

For several months, Google had warned music streamers that it would kill off Play Music — sometime in December — and replace it with YouTube Music. (The tech giant has even offered a transfer tool for quite a while now. So, any procrastinators must take immediate action.) Now, there’s no longer a choice between the two services — YTM is the only one available. That is, from Google. Of course, there are still other choices.

Announced in May of 2011, the GPM officially launched in mid-November of that year. It enjoyed a nine year lifespan, with Google revealing in August of 2020 it would gradually shut down the service. Now, it’s totally gone.

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