May 21, 2022
Google Officially Retires Play Music for Good

Google’s Play Music Demise is Final as YouTube Music Officially Takes its Place

Google’s official retirement of Play Music has come, as the Android app now force-directs users to switch over to YouTube Music…

Play Music, Google’s legacy streaming service, is officially gone. Just a couple of weeks ago, the tech giant removed the app from the Play Store. Prior to that, Google cut off support from two popular sources. Now, the absolute end is here. For those who still have the Android app installed on their device, it only opens a white splash screen. Instantaneously, the Play Music logo morphs into YouTube Music’s. Bold text declares GPM is no longer available and prompts users to switch over to YTM.

Google Officially Retires Play Music for Good

What’s more, the web client over at is also gone for good. That site no opens with a huge overlay and big bold black text that states, “You will soon lose access to Google Play Music. Remember that your music and the features you love are waiting for you on YouTube Music.” There’s also an “Open YouTube Music” button to start the process right away.

One detail Google forgot to address was downloaded content. Any locally-stored data on mobile devices is no longer accessible because the app is rendered useless. So, it’s necessary to uninstall the app or tap on the icon and hold in the app drawer. Then, go to App info, and clear the storage.

Google Play Music officially shuts down
Credit: Android Police

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