February 23, 2021
Google One Subscribers Now Receiving 5 Dollar Play Store Coupons

Google One Subscribers should Check their Email for a Free $5 Google Play Store Credit Right Now

Google is sending out emails that contain a $5 voucher to the Google Play Store for Google One subscribers but they expire in a few months…

Google offers a subscription program known as Google One. It’s an expanded cloud storage for consumers that ranges from 100 gigabytes up to as much as 30 terabytes.

Plan prices start at $1.99 per month or $19.99 per year, and go up to $299.99 per year for the largest size. It works with Gmail, Google Drive, and Google Photos. Now, there’s another perk — a free coupon for use with anything inside Google Play.

Google One Subscribers Now Receiving 5 Dollar Play Store Coupons

Right now, Google is sending out a $5 credit to Google One customers in the United States, as well as India. It contains a link to accept and activate the gift by June 29th, with a use-by date of September 29th. The voucher is good for mobile apps, games, movies, music, and books in the Google Play Store.

This is something does occasionally with its services. The company will (seemingly) randomly give people free credits to the Google Play Store. One of the most recent was a $2 coupon off any game, app, or any in-app purchase.

Google One 5 dollar Google Play voucher
Credit: Android Police

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