August 9, 2022
Google Opens its Experimental Fuchsia Operating System to Outside Developers

Google Fuchsia is Now Open to Third-Party Developers, Bringing the Novel OS Closer to Possible Future Release

Google is apparently ready to move forward with its experimental operating system, Fuchsia, opening it up to the open-source dev community…

The public first became aware of Fuchsia, Google’s open-source capability-based operating system, back in August of 2016, when a mysterious codebase post was published on GitHub. Although there wasn’t an official announcement regarding same, close inspection revealed it would be designed to run on universal devices, including smartphones, tablets, laptops and PCs, as well as digital watches, and even car infotainment systems. Now, it seems like Google is ready to bring it to the next level.

Google Opens its Experimental Fuchsia Operating System to Outside Developers

Initially, Fuchsia was considered by many to be just an experimental operating system that would probably never go mainstream. But, that sentiment has since gone by the wayside. Instead of working on a Linux-based kernel, like Chrome OS and Android do, Fuchsia is based on a new kernel known as Zircon. Basically, it would allow developers to write just one application or program to run on nearly everything, rather than having to create multiple versions to run on different platforms. Google writes on its Open Source blog: 

“…we are expanding Fuchsia‘s open source model to make it easier for the public to engage with the project. We have created new public mailing lists for project discussions, added a governance model to clarify how strategic decisions are made, and opened up the issue tracker for public contributors to see what’s being worked on. As an open source effort, we welcome high-quality, well-tested contributions from all. There is now a process to become a member to submit patches, or a committer with full write access.”

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