June 23, 2021
Google Opens Play Store Previously Siloed Content to Europeans But They Still Can't Buy It

Google Now Lets Europeans Browse Content on the Play Store from Other Countries, but They Can’t Purchase Any of It

The Google Play Store now allows Europeans to browse for stuff they can see but can’t buy, and just getting access isn’t easy, either…

There are several reasons Google disallows access to its Play Store library, depending on region. Because of this, it’s not been possible to even see what’s available in other countries. (Unless titles are also available in users’ home markets.) But it appears the company is loosening its rules about restricting access.

Google Opens Play Store Previously Siloed Content to Europeans but They Still Can’t Buy It

Now, people in the European Union can browse through Google Play content from other countries in the European Economic Area or EEA. However, there’s a bit of work required to do so. To view Play Store content from another market, it’s necessary to visit the website or the mobile web version — not on the dedicated app.

Additionally, users can’t be logged into any Google accounts. And, people must scroll down to the bottom of the page to select the country they want to browse. Or, place a country code at the end of the URL, for instance, http://play.google.com/store?gl=FR for France.

Although it’s now possible to see available content in another country, it still can’t be purchased because that requires signing in, which automatically detects users’ home regions. Where Google is going with this is uncertain, but it’s nevertheless interesting.

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