January 16, 2022
Google Opinion Rewards app Material Design

Google Opinion Rewards Testing a New Material Design Experience

A new Google Opinion Rewards app Material Design user interface sneak-peek is out, via a server-side switch, offering a different theme…

Google Opinion Rewards is an app that allows users to earn credits or money through Google Play or PayPal by answering simple surveys. These are typically three questions or less, with rewards ranging from 10¢ to 60¢ and sometimes, even more (usually $1). It’s a relatively simple interface, sending a notification whenever a new survey becomes available. Now, the company is showing off its Material Design, through an apparent server-side switch.

Google Opinion Rewards App Material Design Test Spotted

For those unfamiliar, Google has been reinventing some of its biggest products, adding what it calls a Material Design format to them. It’s gone live for YouTube, Drive, Calendar, and sneak-peeks have also been spotted in Maps. Now, it’s also surfacing in Google Opinion Rewards. Here’s comparative screenshots of the old and new interfaces:

Google Opinion Rewards app Material Design screenshots
Credit: 9to5Google

Previously, the header contained a black background, which is now gone. Additionally, Google swapped the top two sections, placing “No survey at this time” under “My Rewards.” Additionally the Reward history page no displays the number of surveys taken, along with Total rewards. The font is much larger and there’s more clean white space on the page. (Previously, this section looked cramped.)

Currently, there’s no official word on when the revamped interface will go live. But, the company is definitely working on bringing to users.