June 18, 2021
Google Opinion Rewards balances

Google Opinion Rewards Users Reporting Lost Credits

Google Opinion Rewards balance credits are mysteriously disappearing from people’s accounts, and there’s no explanation why…

The Google Opinion Rewards app is a great way to earn a few dollars in Play Store credits with very little effort. It’s an easy way to get significant discounts or make entire purchases of movies games, book, apps, and television series and/or seasons. But, some users are reporting their balances suddenly changing, with credits missing.

Google Opinion Rewards Balance Credits Unexpectedly Expiring

For those using the app, it’s best to check it out as soon as possible to see if balances aren’t affected. What’s odd is the issue isn’t appearing in Google Opinion Rewards, it’s actually happening in the Play Store.

Some people are reporting double-digit losses in their accounts, seeing a huge difference between the Google Opinion Rewards app and the Play Store.

To check the status, first open the Google Opinion Rewards app, to view the credit balance. Then, either tap on the Play Store shortcut or open the Google Play app. Tap the hamburger menu (the three horizontal lines in the upper left) and select “Payment Methods.”

The amount on the Google Opinion Rewards app and in the Play Store Payment Methods section should be the same.

Google has yet to comment on the problem.

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