July 3, 2022
Google Opinion Rewards expands to Taiwan

Google has Opened Opinion Rewards to Taiwan

Google brings its Opinion Rewards program to Taiwan, allowing more people to take targeted surveys and earn Play Store credits…

Everyone likes to get things at a discount. And, it’s possible to do this in a number of ways. But, one of the easiest is by answering very short, targeted surveys in exchange for Google Play Store credits. Building up balances over a couple to a few months can result in getting a newly-released 4k UHD box office hit. Or, being able to snag that hot novel free-of-charge.

That’s basically how Google Opinion Rewards works. Now, it’s expanded to another market and this time, it’s Taiwan. 

Google Opinion Rewards Expands to Taiwan

Google Opinion Rewards just released an update to its Android mobile app. With it comes the inclusion of a new market, Taiwan.

The expansion comes not long after a controversy involving “disappearing” credits. Turns out, it was actually the result of Google starting to more strictly enforce expiration dates of said credits. (Now, the application conspicuously displays credit expiration amounts and dates.)

By joining Google Opinion Rewards, new members can earn Play Store credits by answering quick surveys. Then, redeem those credits toward the purchase of apps, games, movies, television shows, and books. (Just be certain to mind any expiration notices.)

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