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Earn Play Store Money with the New Google Opinion Rewards iOS

Google Opinion Rewards iOS

Google Opinion Rewards iOS rolls out, giving iPhone and iPad users the chance to earn money through a valid, linked PayPal account…

Google Opinion Rewards iOS is now available on iTunes. Previously restricted to Android devices, iPhone and iPad users can now earn a little extra money. 

Google Opinion Rewards iOS Debuts

The app is super easy to use. And, it’s very small, requiring minimal memory. Google Opinion Rewards surveys ask three questions or less but questions can run up to ten. Most rewards range between 10 cents to 40 cents. But, some surveys pay more, up to 77 cents and more. When a survey becomes available, a notification appears. Participants have 23 hours and 59 minutes to take each survey. However, most surveys are just under 30 seconds.

Credit: Google

Survey topics for Google Opinion Rewards vary widely. Surveys generally ask about recent visits to retailers, such as grocery stores, clothing stores, and more. In the official announcement, Google states users’ earnings arrive via PayPal. For Android users familiar with Opinion Rewards, that option no longer exists. Android Opinion Rewards survey participants only earn credits toward purchases in the Google Play Store exclusively.

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