June 19, 2021
Google Opinion Rewards credit expiration notice

Google Opinion Rewards Now Warns Users when their Credits will Expire

Following the seemingly mysterious disappearance of balance credits, the Google Opinions Reward app now includes a credit expiration notice…

Just about a month ago, Google Opinion Rewards program members began to notice their balance credits for taking surveys were disappearing. Some reported lower balances, while others reported mismatched balances between the Google Opinion Rewards app and their Play Store credit.

Turns out, it was the result of Google starting to more strictly enforce expiration dates of said credits. Google Opinion Rewards program members receive small monetary credits for answering targeted surveys. The balances can be applied to Play Store purchases of apps, games, books, movies and TV shows. Some people let their balances accrue, earning enough to purchase new movie releases without having to pay any money out of pocket.

Since Google did not strictly adhere to the expiration dates, the drop in balances took some people by surprise. Now, the Google Opinion Rewards app conspicuously displays and expiration notice.

Google Opinion Rewards Now Conspicuously Displays Credit Expiration Dates

Google Opinion Rewards now tells users when part or all of their credits are due to expire. Prior to this change, users had to go through a few steps, in order to find out the details of their balances.

Since it wasn’t out front and completely obvious, Google rectified the situation. Upon opening the mobile application, users immediately see their accrued balanced, along with a notice of any pending expirations.

Said expirations could be at any time in the future, from just days away, two weeks, two months, or even up to almost a year.

The new Google Opinion Rewards expiration notice is now showing up in the app, in what appears to be a server-side update. Program members can check their balances, as well as see any upcoming expirations, right on the main page of the app.

Google Opinion Rewards balance expiration notice

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