October 23, 2021
Google Opinion Rewards tests improved receipt scanning

Google Opinion Rewards Tests Improved Receipt Scanning in the US

Google Opinion Rewards tests improved receipt scanning, which means users have more simplified experiences when earning Play Store money…

Google Opinion Rewards is a program which allows users to earn Play Store money to buy games, movies, television, books, and more. People answer simple surveys, which usually contain between 3 and 4 questions. Some questions ask users to submit pictures of receipts. Now, Google is testing a new section in the app.

Google Opinion Rewards Tests Improved Receipt Scanning in the US

Google’s latest test for Opinion Rewards is different than previous experiences. For instance, it’s restricted to users in the United States. And, users must have location history tracking enabled. Also, it’s only available on Android through invitation.

Basically, it streamlines the process by simplifying user tasks to earn rewards. Those included in the test can see all uploaded receipts, as well as add new ones. 

“Receipt scanning is a new opt-in feature within the Google Opinion Rewards (GOR) app for Android. It allows you to more easily upload your receipts from in-store purchases to receive additional rewards.

Users have been volunteering to upload their receipts in exchange for rewards via in-app surveys since 2016. Now it’s even easier to upload your receipts via our new user interface.”

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