October 1, 2022
search term blacklist

Google Reportedly Building Censored Search Engine for China Market

New reports reveal a possible search term blacklist Google is now actively developing, using a site it already owns in China…

More details are surfacing about the censored search engine Google is developing to re-enter the web in China. In order to company with state demands, Google is using a site it owns in Beijing to create a search term blacklist.

Google-Owned Chinese Site Developing Search Term Blacklist

Currently, most of the search giant’s services are blocked in the communist market. But, the company has a property, 256.com, which remains open. Presently, the search engine on the site redirects to Baidu, which dominates the Chinese search market. However, Google can capture the queries searchers enter.

Engineers at Google are using that data to develop a list of thousands of websites blocked in China. Therefore, topics such as the Tiananmen Square massacre, will only display a blank page.

Baidu does something similar. So, searching terms such as Taiwan or Xinjiang, return partially blocked out results, along with tourist info. But, these won’t return politically sensitive news. Apparently, Google might emulate that formula.

The site 265.com was originally started by Chinese entrepreneur Cai Wensheng in 2003. Google acquired the digital property in 2008, while it still had a presence in China. Since that time, Google has used data collected from the website to build an Android search app.