October 5, 2022
Google Pay Adds Target and Safeway Deals while Expanding Transit Payments

Google Pay Now Offers Target and Safeway Deals and Expands Transit Payments

Google Pay is now offering deals from Target and Safeway, as it also expands its public transit payment options, as well…

Google Pay underwent a massive redesign in November of last year that made it more of a Mint rival. Now, the app is about to offer savings at Target and Safeway with a new section called “Weekly Deals.” Plus, the mobile application will likewise send notifications about deals when users a near one of the chain’s locations. This ought to make it a bit easier to save some money on places where people routinely shop.

Google Pay Adds Target and Safeway Deals while Expanding Transit Payments

Additionally, Google Pay is expanding its support for public transit payments. Soon, people in the San Francisco/Bay Area and Chicago areas will be able to purchase transit tickets and passes through the Pay app. At least, for Android owners with devices equipped with NFC tech.  Presumably, the same tools will also become available to the iOS mobile version of the popular wallet app. Google says the following about the new Target and Safeway deals:

“We teamed up with Safeway to make it easy to find weekly grocery deals from the Google Pay app. You can find deals on thousands of items across more than 500 Safeway stores nationwide. You can also discover similar deals at Target stores nationwide.

To find the latest grocery deals, search for Safeway or Target in the Google Pay app and tap “View Weekly Deals.” If you’ve turned on location in Google Pay, soon the app will notify you of the weekly deals at Safeway and Target stores when you’re nearby.”

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