July 3, 2022
Google Pay desktop

Google Pay is Making Its Way to Desktop

Google Pay desktop is currently rolling out to Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and other browsers, following the search engine’s payment unification push…

Google launched Google Pay as its one-stop payment hub in February. Since that time, the company has added a number of new features, with more tools planned for the future. Now, Google Pay is making its way to desktop browsers, no longer confined to mobile platforms.

Google Pay Desktop Debuts

Google announced it’s making the tool available on the web. When the company revealed the rebrand in January, it only debuted with select partner sites with the updated branding, but the underlying functionality remained the same (relying on Pay with Google). 

Google introduced the Android app in February. Meanwhile Google Pay Send replaced Wallet for iOS. Now, the two features are merged together, creating a seamless experience.

With the latest launch, the new “Buy with Google Pay” buttons arrive on Chrome, Safari, and Firefox. Users don’t need to make any changes as it should work across all devices.

In recent weeks, the company added support for transit passes. And, it’s now integrated with Google Assistant. Google is running promotions for the system to get more people to adopt it.

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