July 31, 2021
Google Pay

Another 11 US Banks Pick Up Support for Google Pay

Google Pay, a digital wallet platform formerly known as Google Wallet, gains support for eleven more banks in the United States…

Tech giant Google released its digital wallet, Google Pay, as Android Pay, back in September 2015. Since that time, it’s picked up support for more than 1,000 banks and credit unions as a contactless payment method.

Google Pay Support Expands to Eleven more US Banks

Now, Google Pay has added another eleven banking institutions in the United States, which its support page details:

  • Bank Star
  • Casey County Bank
  • CNB Bank
  • Community State Bank
  • Greater Springfield Credit Union
  • Phenix-Girard Bank
  • Princeville State Bank
  • Sallie Mae SmartBank
  • United Prairie Bank
  • Zeal Credit Union

Unlike some other similar services, Google Pay requires more than just linking a credit or debit card to the platform. The bank or credit union which issued the card must also be involved to add it to the digital wallet.

Google first introduced Google Pay as a way to pay in-store and online. It syncs with users’ Google Account into a handy wallet. Over the past few months, the app has gotten more service support. Now, it also supports ability to save boarding passes and event tickets, along with peer-to-peer payments.

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