September 18, 2022
Google Penguin devalues links

Google Penguin Devalues Links, doesn’t Demote Sites

Google Penguin assesses, devalues bad inbound links but does not demote entire sites in organic results, a search engine analyst explains…

In a recent Marketing Land podcast, Google Webmaster Trends Analyst Gary Illyes, revealed Penguin does not demote websites but does devalue bad links. More particularly, the algorithm assesses the source site.

Google Penguin 4.0 debuted at the end of September, built into the company’s core search algorithm and runs in real-time. Since it no longer is a periodic updated signal, previously penalized sites will experience quicker recovery times. (Provided all necessary issues are properly resolved in compliance with the search engine’s official guidelines.)

Google Penguin Evaluates, Devalues Inbound Links but Does not Demote Websites

During the discussion, Illyes clarified Penguin does not just focus on links, but rather, the “source site.” Therefore, the algorithm does not fully put the onus on target sites. However, webmasters need to disavow inbound links from low-quality sites. Of course, high quality source links are beneficial to a target site’s search optimization.

Illyes provided an example of a site hit by negative SEO. In that instance, the victim site received links from low quality sources with “empty profile pages, forum profile pages.” After a quick analysis, Illyes found the Penguin signal devalued those bad links. “The good thing is that it is discounting the links, basically ignoring the links instead of the [sic] demoting,” Illyes said.

A spam filter introduced on April 24, 2012, Penguin catches sites which manipulate Google’s search results by artificially inflating the number of inbound links. It’s designed to detect spamming systems other algorithms cannot identify. Penguin 3.0 debuted on October 17, 2014. To date, Google has deindexed more than 1.75 billion sites and that number keeps climbing.

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