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It Looks like Google might Introduce more Robust Call Blocking Tools for its Phone App

Google Phone app call blocking

New Google Phone app call blocking might soon make their way out to users as an apparent test signals the possibility for future release…

Today’s smartphones already provide ways to block unwanted calls. These range from carrier services, to device manufactured enabled features, to free and premium third-party apps.

But often, these only work for numbers already identified as unwanted. So, if an app could work proactively to block spam and robocalls, consumers would certainly find it quite useful.

Google Phone App Call Blocking Features Test Spotted (Again)

The team over at Android have indeed worked on just such tools, tracing their way back to older AOSP commits or Android Open Source Project plans.

Created during the Android P build process about a year ago, the first indications of such options showed up. But, it lacked a public-facing interface. That is, until now. 

Spotted by readers of Android Police, we’re getting the first look at a possible UI:

Credit: Android Police

As pictured, there are four toggles: Numbers not in Contacts, Private, Pay phone, and unknown. There’s also an option to manually add numbers to block.

Although, there’s no way to jump right into the new interface because it’s not showing up for everyone. It does appear in Android Q beta but not necessarily other software versions.

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