January 12, 2022
Google Phone App Caller ID Announcement Feature Hits Stable Release

Google’s Phone App will Now Announce Who is Calling like a Personal Secretary

Google’s Phone app now sports a new option that allows users to hear who is calling through an audible announcement…

Google’s Phone app has a reputation for being slim on features. It’s true that it isn’t the most robust. However, Big G has been attempting to turn that impression to a more positive one by adding some handy new tools. For instance, the ability to automatically record calls from unknown numbers. Now, it’s gaining the power do even more with a new caller ID announcement option.

Google Phone App Caller ID Announcement Feature Hits Stable Release

The Google Phone app caller ID announcement feature was first spotted by XDA Developers back in September of 2020. It does precisely what its namesake suggests — reading incoming name and number out loud of the person or business that’s calling. It’s a small improvement but one that’s definitely neat because of what it does. That is, making a phone look all-the-more fancy, like a personal assistant. 

Confusingly, the new option isn’t found within the Caller ID & spam settings. Instead, it resides inside the main Settings of the phone app by going to the three-dot menu (⋮) > Settings > Caller ID announcement. Users can even choose their preference: “Always” on, “Only when using a headset,” and “Never.”

So, it’s a great feature for those who don’t have wearables and just want to know if a call is worth picking up when far away from the phone.

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