November 2, 2022
Google Phone App might Soon Record All Incoming Calls from Unknown Numbers

Google is Working On a Tool to Automatically Record All Calls from Unknown Numbers through its Phone App

Google is quietly developing a call recording feature that will automatically record incoming calls from unknown phone numbers…

The Google Phone app comes pre-installed on Pixel devices and some other smartphones. It’s very powerful and really helpful because it already automatically detects spam and solicitation calls. It also possesses the ability to record incoming calls, a feature added at the beginning of 2020. Now, it appears Big G is diligently working to expand the automatic call recording tool.

Google Phone App might Soon Record All Incoming Calls from Unknown Numbers

In a recent teardown, XDA Developers discovered strings of code demonstrating Google is in the process of giving its Phone app the power to intercept and record all calls from unknown sources. The tool will tell all parties the call is being recorded and that the recordings are stored locally on the recipient’s phone. The feature is an optional one, which can be toggled on or off at-will.

Of course, this comes from a teardown, which means the tool might or might not be enhanced, changed, or not even make its way out to the public. Google hasn’t officially made any announcement, so there’s no guarantee the feature will become available at all.

"You or the other person in your call might be somewhere that requires everyone to consent to being recorded. Everyone will be notified ahead of time that the call is being recorded. It's up to you to follow laws about recording conversations. Recordings are stored only on your phone."
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