November 3, 2022
Google Phone App Verified Calls Feature Coming Soon

The Google Phone App will Soon Tell its Users Why Businesses are Calling Them

Google’s Phone app will soon gain a new power: the ability to tell recipients why companies are calling them through a new feature called “Verified Calls”…

People using Google’s Phone app will shortly enjoy a new feature: knowing why a business is phoning before picking up the call. This, according to a new support page, discovered by the folks over at Android Police. It will work with a variety of situations and will help people determine whether or not to take the call.

Google Phone App ‘Verified Calls’ Feature Coming Soon

The new “Verified Calls” feature for the Google Phone app won’t apply to all businesses. It will only support companies who have successfully completed Google’s verification process. Apparently, it will pertain to calls about scheduling in-home service calls, like installing internet or cable. Or, for reminders about appointments or confirmation about an upcoming reservation or food delivery.

The tool will be enabled by default, but will not work if the user has not added their phone number to their Google Account. It also won’t work outside the Google Phone app, which remains incompatible with a number of Android devices, including Samsung phones.

“Verified Calls help you make informed decisions about incoming calls. To help you avoid scams and fraud, Google integrates with participating businesses to:

    • Verify the business caller’s identity.
    • Display the business’s reason for calling.
    • Display the business’s logo.

To keep your data private, Google doesn’t share sensitive information about you with our business partners.”

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